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*cough cough splutter*

Hey, brand-spankin' new member and so on. It was a real wrench deciding which community to join (between this or anti-shurtugal), as I'm not really in love with the books, but I'm not really against them, either. I don't like the heavy derivations, but I love that Paolini dressed up and hit the pavement to sell his book prior to being marketed by Knopf. So here I be.

At any rate, I was re-reading through Eragon and was struck by how many unintentional funnies were to be had. And then I drew one.

It just seemed odd to look for a mark, rather than, you know... genitalia. Because that'd be what I'd look for. But then again, what do I know? Certainly not how to draw a dragon properly.
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Welcome to this group, and yes, join the anti shurtugal community, too. It's a must ... Wait for odclay, he'll give you more details on everything. I am just holding the fort here, and I am swamped. Bah. Same ole' excuse, sorry, but it's true.
Thanks for the drawing, too.
Dear Fred,

Why must you insist on waiting for my approval on anything new that gets posted here? It's a free community open to discussion. Also, you're co-maintainer. So take charge, dammit,or let the community run itself :)

Besides, what details need to be given?

I'll always wait for your approval. Why is that wrong? You know what happens when I do not. If you don't, look at my Eurovison post
Details that need to be given: you answered that in your reply further down below.
I will probably have to let this community run by itself for a while, I twisted my ankle (again &^%$%!!!). Can't sit in peace.
EUROVISION. It seems an urge with me to misspell it.
It's just that you seem to be withholding your opinion on things until I show up. Don't, please. Say what you will, and don't worry about me. Or I'll disappear completely from LJ, not just my main page.

Yeah. Like I could really do that...
well, don't disappear! And hey, it's your group. I am no. 2, I accept that. Besides, I did voice an opinion. I liked the drawing.
Short whinefest: whatever I say these days is likely to be misunderstood. So perhaps it's better not to be overly outgoing.
Unfortunately, I do keep disappearing. Because I don't read my flist, I usually miss the latest posts on this page. I've just been more attuned to antishurtugal these days. But that'll eventually change. I'm looking at early June as a date for a full return to regular posting again. Two months is long enough, even though I haven't accomplished anything worthwhile. Ah, well. C'est la vie.
what do you mean, not having accomplished anything worthwhile? 8 weeks=long time.
Well, sure, I read some books, bought a new (used) car, finished my first year of college, never managed to finish the final short story for Creative Writing, got an A in the class and the Boo-U Creative Writing Award in spite of that, looked for jobs, didn't get hired at said jobs, punched a spider, nearly fell in love, realized I wasn't really in love, developed a desire to become a monk, found a nearby Buddhist monastery (an hour and a half away, imagine that), nearly visited said monastery but became too scared to do so (I don't know why; I mean, they're MONKS), decided to visit the monastery next week instead, and worked at the same old job because I haven't found a new one yet. But none of that is really worthwhile compared to my other goals, like writing regularly again.

I still haven't finished cleaning my room.
still sounds more fascinating than anything that's happened here. Thanks for the smile this brought on my face (while reading).
Welcome to the community; I'm glad you decided to stop hiding in our past :)

And that picture is frickin' HILARIOUS. Awesome. And, while I respect your decision to stay away from antishurtugal for the above reasons, I'm gonna have to link them to this picture. Hope you don't mind, I just figure they'll get a kick out of it too.
But when the past is given perpetual link to the present via the Community Info page, one cannot really call it "hiding," can they? ;)
Ok, fine. You win this round!
That is just awesome. Pure, unadulterated awesome.