Gastave (gastave) wrote in chris_paolini,

irritating to a fault

I used to visit last summer and was always somewhat alarmed at how ban-happy the moderators were for people who didn't "stay on topic!" in the news comments. (This was before the forums so people would discuss all aspects of the Inheritance trilogy in the comments and be banned for doing so.) So it was especially alarming to me when--after being particularly snarky towards people straying off topic--the moderators posted a mock news story pertaining to someone on the staff who broke their arm. I was naive enough to point out the inherent hypocrisy in their tactics and was promptly banned from commenting.

This summer, I discovered Anti-Shurtugal and was pleased that they allowed people to air their grievances about the series and its apparent flaws. But then the forums opened and suddenly it's become a website geared towards insults and threats of physical harm, and openly discusses topics of incest between Paolini and his sister, and whether or not Paolini's parents castrated him to maintain his high voice. I have never commented but can foresee what would happen: "Freedom of speech and I have a right, nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!"

So I can't take the fans seriously and I have no respect for the anti-s. One refuses to admit the books have flaws and the other is so preoccupied with hate that they've lost sight of their original intention. Say what you will about Christopher Paolini's writing, but he--and his family--did nothing to deserve either one of those websites.

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