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Win a copy of Brisingr signed by Christopher Paolini!

 This is taken from Shurtugal.com about how to win a signed copy of Brisinr.

"**Take just a few minutes to vote and let us know in the comments once you've done so. We'll be choosing one lucky commenter who voted for the Harry Potter Alliance to each win a copy of Brisingr signed by Christopher Paolini!**

Our good friends and neighboring Harry Potter fandom champions have emailed us to ask for our help in winning a $250,000 charity grant from Chase for the Harry Potter Alliance, a non-profit group dedicated to literacy, advocacy, and human rights work. This group, inspired by Dumbledore's Alliance in the Harry Potter series, recently sent over $123,000 in aid to those affected by the recent tragedy in Haiti and have won the open respect and support of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. While this is not a Harry Potter fan site, we know that Inheritance fans feel just as passionately when it comes to charities and the less fortunate.

So what are we asking for you to help the Harry Potter Alliance win first place and $250,000 for their charity?

You can make a big difference with only a few seconds of your time. The HP Alliance is in 1st place to win $250,000 which will help us all do more to get books to children in need, and save lives through raising money for charities.

To vote, CLICK HERE, press the green “Get started to vote” button, hit “Like” (if you haven’t already), and then press “Vote now.” Encourage your friends and other fans to vote too! (Voting for the HP Alliance happens through Facebook.)"
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