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Eragon's Heirs

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The Pen is Sharper than the Sword
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This is a Livejournal community devoted to discussing author Christopher Paolini, his books in the Inheritance Trilogy (Eragon, Eldest, and the third book, currently untitled but rumored to be Empire), and the upcoming film based on the first book.

However, it should be noted that a love of the books is not a requirement. Are you a fan? Good. Tell us why. Did you hate Eragon, Eldest, or both? Good. Tell us why. Unlike many fansites and communities out there, this community allows--and welcomes--discussion about the positive and negative aspects of the book. So, come if you like, but be prepared to read some less-than-savory opinions too. Polite debate is always welcome; harassment, flaming, spamming, and threats are not.

And yes, we can talk about which character is hotter. If we must.


1. Stay on topic, please. This community is about Chris Paolini and his works, but if you would like to talk about other fantasy novels similar to, inspired by, or not at all like the Inheritance Trilogy, fantasy666 is a good place to go. Ignore the ominous number in the title; that community is not at all threatening.
2. Be polite. You may think the books are the best ever, even better than Lord of the Rings, but others may not. Some people here may not like the books at all. No threats, no harassing. Debate and discuss, please.
3. Foul language and profanity should be kept to an absolute minimum. This rule is subject to change if anyone raises concerns or the rule is abused.
4. Please place all spoilers and lengthy posts behind a cut. Use your best judgement.
5. Keep an open mind.

Some Notable Websites
Christopher Paolini's official website
Anti-Shur'tugal.com, a collection of critical essays about the trilogy.
The Anti-Shur'tugal Livejournal fan community
Christopher Paolini: The Wikipedia Page (includes links to the books, the film, and other information)

We are affiliated with antishurtugal

Notable Entries From The Community Archives
The following list is a collection of notable reviews, essays, discussions, critiques, and debates regarding Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Trilogy, as written by community members. Please note that this list is not complete, especially since we're still waiting for the Eldest Deluxe Edition, the Eragon movie (and the other two films, if the franchise is successful), and the third book in the trilogy, which--due to rumor--we've taken to calling Empire until the official title is announced by Paolini and his publishers. Also note that a spoiler warning is automatically in effect for ALL POSTS, so if you've not read the books, please be wary. Lastly, please note that a number of entries view the books in a negative way, so if you are a devoted fan of Paolini's books, prepare to be challenged. Thank you.

About Christopher Paolini
"Why I Like Christopher Paolini" by thesongdreamer
”What Happened to That Line?” by odclay

About The Inheritance Trilogy
“My Thoughts on the Books” by callisto_chan
"Galbatorix and Other Enemies by callisto_chan
“Why is the Series so Popular?” by nj_online

About Eragon
(Not Yet Written)

About Eldest
"What Must Be the Strangest Eldest Review Ever" by odclay
"What's Wrong with Eragon's Attention Span? A Discussion of Parentage" by odclay
"The Problem with Nasuada” by odclay
A Poll for the Eldest deluxe edition and The Results of the Poll: A Discussion

About Empire
"What's Next For Murtagh?" by firefred
“And What About Eragon and Arya?” by odclay

"Eragon vs. His Majesty's Dragon: Two Different Ways of Telling the Same Story" by odclay

Yes, yes, we know: A fair number of posts on the list above were written by odclay. That's no accident; he's merely written a fair number of posts about Paolini's books. And he's quite embarrassed about it, thankyouverymuch, so he hopes that all members, current and future, take it upon themselves to write lots and lots of essays, critiques, and reviews about the trilogy and get their names on this list. Go on, people! Write something! Let's get started. You've read the books, you're waiting for Empire, you're eager to see the movie. Tell us what you think.